5 Difficult Challenges You Will Face As A New Cat Parent

5 Difficult Challenges You Will Face As A New Cat Parent

I vividly remember when I brought my first cat home being overwhelmed with excitement. I was going to be a new cat parent. However, I soon realized that I had to adapt to face the challenges brought about by this new addition to my family.

Though I was excited on that occasion, it was a frightening experience for the cat. This is one of the challenges I had to contend with during those first days. There was also the emotional seesaw between the two of us. Sometimes I would want to cuddle her but she would just disappear.


Challenges Faced By New Cat Parents

Understanding The Psychology Of The Cat

Many new cat parents are faced with the challenge of understanding the psychology of their pets. Therefore, they can’t strike the right balance between the needs of a new cat and their own. But when you understand her psychology, she will quickly settle in and be accepted by the other of your pet family.

Settling In A New Environment

Imagine being lost in a big house. You are going to be scared by its big space; not knowing where the bathroom is, and being overwhelmed by unfamiliar sounds, sights, and smells.

The cats feel the same way when they go to a new home. This can be a big, scary world for them and it’s quite overwhelming. You will be faced with the challenge of making her feel at home.

The solution is to set her up in a small room with her toys, water, bed, food, and litter box. After finding her paws in that small space, she is going to adventure further afield when she is ready.

Overwhelming Her With Love

Your new cat is a sweetheart. You want to at all times hug and cuddle her. However, these are independent creatures who prefer making the first approach. So you are faced with the challenge of whether to overwhelm her with love or give her the personal space she needs.

You should be patient, letting her set the pace. Actually, avoid staring since, in terms of cat psychology, it is a display of aggression. Just watch from the corner of your eyes her cute antics.

Underestimating The Cat’s Psychology

Your cat will jump on the countertops, and you won’t like it. As a deterrent, you decide to use some spray bottle of water, squirting her when she happens to jump up. She jumps down, and you congratulate yourself for the discipline you’ve given her. But has she learned her lesson?

You’ll soon discover that what she learned was not jumping up as long as you are there. She will still hop up when you are not present. This is the best case scenario since many cats are going to become wary concerning being around their owner.

When faced with the challenge, the solution is to avoid punishing her. Instead, you should consider clicker training so that she can jump down on command.

Scratching Of Furniture

Cats just like to play, eat, and sleep, Right? Wrong!

Many cat parents are normally faced with the challenge of cat aggression like the scratching of furniture. What you should know as a new cat parent is that they need also to display different natural cat behaviors like hunting, climbing, and scratching. When you fail to provide these natural needs, you should expect your furniture to suffer.




Owning a pet cat is a fulfilling yet difficult task. There are a lot of responsibilities you need to take into consideration. You should only have a pet cat if you’re responsible enough to be able to really take good care of them.

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