5 Tips To Ease Your Cat’s Vet Visit Anxiety

Tips To Ease Your Cats Vet Visit Anxiety

If you are thinking that it’s time to go with your cat to her vet for a regular checkup, you need to consider that it might be a quite stressful experience for your cat.

Many cats, like my own, are very attached to their usual environment and most of them like their routine when at home. So, you need to consider that your cat may not want to leave the house. The following are some great tips that can help you avoid cat anxiety when visiting the vet.


Tips To Reduce Cat Anxiety During Vet Visit

Get Your Cat A Comfortable Carrier

A great way to make your cat stay relaxed during the whole process is to use a comfortable and smooth carrier. The cat carrier can become fun and your cat may like it, especially if you keep it clean and nice. This way, your cat will love to sit in it.

Moreover, you need to make sure that the carrier is the correct size. It should be big enough in order for your cat to be able to turn all the way around in it.

Relax Your Cat In The Car

The truth is that many cats don’t like cars. In fact, very few cats see the car ride as a pleasant adventure as dogs do.

So, you need to teach your pet to relax, feel comfortable and enjoy the ride in the car. For example, you can put her in the carrier while giving her one of her favorite toys or treats. Or you can sit exactly besides the carrier and try to play with her.

Remain Calm During The Visit

During the whole process, you can try to talk to your cat in order to reassure her that everything is going to be Ok. I always speak to my cat in a calm voice while waiting for our vet.

You need to speak soothingly to her even if you have covered her carrier. This way she knows that you are close. You can also try caressing her in a gentle way on her head.

Bring Her Favorite Toys & Treats To The Vet

Take care of your cat by offering her some treats if she is nervous. Or you can play with your cat with her favorite toys. It’s a great way to distract her from her fears and make her forget her worries.

Try to Use a Pheromone Spray

You need to remember that the sitting room at your vet’s clinic can be a very anxious place for your cat. If you think that she is very nervous, you can help her to relax by giving her a pheromone natural spray that may help her calm down.



Even though your cat may not like going to the vet, it’s something that you need to do for her regular checkups. By trying the tips mentioned above, you can make her experience less stressful. At the end of the process, don’t forget to offer her some treats to make her feel better.

Contributed by Annousa

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