7 Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make

Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make

Cats are the cutest animals on the planet. They have a high level of sensitivity as well. Here are common mistakes cat owners make. Avoiding them makes life easy for you and your cat.


Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make

Feeding The Cat Anything And At Any Time

Obesity in cats is a serious problem. In fact, the APOP estimated that more than 50% of cats were either overweight or obese. These cats have a higher risk of developing hepatic lipidosis, arthritis, and diabetes than the ones that have a healthy weight. Obesity in cats mostly develops when their owners feed them endlessly.

Avoiding Regular Checkups

Cats are highly resilient creatures. That means they may act as though everything is okay even though they feel sick. Unfortunately, most cat owners take their cats to the vet when they see a visible sign of a problem in their cat.

They do not realize that some illnesses are difficult to notice in cats. For instance, kidney disease affects one in every three cats even though it is hard for anyone to see it in his or her pet.

Introducing New Pets Into Your Home Without Preparing The Cat

Felines are territorial animals. Consequently, they will defend their territories aggressively. Bringing new pets into your house may awaken this attribute in your cat. Fights between it and the new one may break out frequently. Introduce new pets into your home gradually and go for breeds that are friendly to other animals.

Giving Your Cat Dog Food Or Medicine Meant For Humans

Unfortunately, many people believe that what is okay for one animal is safe for all pets. That is a false concept. Dogs, cats, and humans have different physiological processes. The anatomy of these species is also different in many ways. Giving your cat food meant for dogs interferes with its biological processes.

The same thing happens when you give your cat medicine that people should use. Avoid these practices completely.

Letting It Do Whatever It Feels Like Doing

Cats are playful creatures. They can scratch your upholstery. They can poop anywhere. They can attack your visitors without provocation, and they can keep you up all night every night.

You can encourage these behaviors in your cat by doing nothing about them, or you can stop them by training your cat. Choose the latter option so that you can have peace of mind.

Failing To Exercise The Cat

Cats can sit for hours doing nothing. Eventually, the lack of an exercise regime leads to obesity. It may also lead to other issues such as poorly developed bones and weak muscles.

You can avoid such scenarios by exercising your cat regularly. Play with it indoors and outdoors as much as you can. Have cat toys around the house that it can play with on its own.

Irregular Cleaning Of The Litter Box

Cats are clean. Consequently, they will avoid the litter box if it is dirty. Clean it regularly so that they can feel comfortable using it. Moreover, keep it in a dry area that is away from noises and other activities.

Remember, cats love their space and time during such moments so keep the litter box away from unnecessary distractions.


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