7 Things You Need To Know About Raising A Cat

7 Things You Need To Know About Raising A Cat

A cat’s character is not only determined by its genetics but by its nurturing too. Thus, raising a cat should be done in a way that will make the cat friendly and loving. In order to bring out these personalities out of a cat, it is important to follow these simple tips.


7 Things You Need To Know About Raising A Cat

Give your kitten love and attention

Right from a young age, kittens should be handled delicately so that they can build up trust with the human element. This will help them interact more with visitors as well as yourself.

More so, this love and attention should be given especially when they are behaving in a way that you support playing with a toy or another kitten or when sitting close to you. In doing this, you build up some discipline because the cat feels loved when doing well and feels no love when doing badly.

Keep the relationship strong

For the first few months, the process of raising a cat requires spending a lot of time with your kitten so that it can form a strong bond with you. This means that you should stay at home more often or travel with your cat if you have to.

Introduce your cat to friendly dogs

Cats are generally afraid of dogs but if you also own a dog, it is a good idea to let them bond from an early age. This way, the cat can have a playing partner when it is bored.

Provide different cat toys to the cat

Cats are generally playful and they get easily bored if there is nothing to do. This boredom might make them become mischievous and might cause some damage to the house. It is important to play with your cat daily for some minutes then leave the rest of the play time to toys.

Feed your cat the right food for the right age

Raising a cat requires feeding it different foods as it goes through its growth stages. For instance, kittens eat different food from adult cats. By doing this, you ensure that they get the right nutrients which lead to healthy lives. Unhealthy foods may give them diseases or malnutrition and this uneasiness may interfere with the behavioral progress made so far. If you are not familiar with the correct foods to give your cat, check with your local vet so as to get a personalized diet plan, specific to your cat.

Ensure the cat gets fresh food and water

It is not just enough to feed your cat with the right food, it must be fresh food coupled with fresh water. You must ensure that the cat’s dishes are clean and that its food and water are changed at least once daily. This will ensure that your cat gets uncontaminated food and water, therefore, reducing the chance of getting diseases.

Provide litter boxes

Litter boxes are important for maintaining cleanliness in your home. To avoid the constant mess of cleaning up cat droppings, make sure you have enough litter boxes for your cats and clean them at least once daily.



Raising a cat is a delicate process that requires lots of tender loving care so that it can turn out to have lovable and friendly personalities. If done correctly, your cat might be your best companion and friend for its entire lifetime.

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