What Is Your Cat Trying to Tell You?

What Is Your Cat Trying to Tell You

The small feline creature often seen as distant and not so friendly in comparison to dogs can make great companions and pets. They love to play games and are fun to be around. If you are an animal lover planning to bring home a pet then these furry little feline animals can be a great choice.

Believe me when I say it is not difficult to make friends with this recluse aloof animal. Here are some of the important points I suggest you keep in mind while bringing home these cute little pets. It is very important to care for the health of your pet so that they remain playful and active. Do not ignore these signs and symptoms indicative of your cat’s health.


Understanding Cat Health

While cats are very good at taking care of themselves there are certain health-related concerns they cannot avoid. Some of the most common health issues faced by this fastidious animal have been discussed below:


It is a common problem seen in cats. It might occur by consuming inedible or poisonous items. Urinary tract infection can also be one of the underlying reasons for vomiting. The animal may feel dehydrated in case of excessive vomiting. It is advisable to get in touch with a veterinary as soon as possible in such a case.


It is the most common health issue that your cat might face. Listed below are the signs of fleas seen in cats.

1. The appearance of small black dots also known as flea dirt on the cat’s skin.

2. Red patches on the skin

3. Irritated and inflamed skin

4. Increased licking

5. Loss of hair

6. Frequent infections of the skin

You can treat fleas by including medicines, ointments, powders, and foams after consulting a veterinary. Fleas can be a year old and your cat is at a high risk of anemia if the condition persists for a long duration of time.

Lower Urinary Tract Disease

Feline lower urinary tract disease is often seen in fat cats and those who ingest food with very less water content in it. Some of the symptoms of FLUTD are as follows:

1. Blood in urine

2. Difficulty in urination

3. Severe pain at the time of urination

4. Appetite loss

5. Vomiting and dehydration

Call your vet doctor immediately if you see these signs and symptoms in your cat. The disease can be life-threatening if left untreated.


Cats act as an excellent host for heartworms. There may be no visible symptoms in some cats while some may be suffering from respiratory problems. There is no cure for this disease. The cat’s defense mechanism can fight the infection or the veterinarian may give medication to treat inflammation. Heartworms can be removed surgically but it can out to be a complicated process.

Eye Infections

There is a range of eye problems occurring in cats. Glaucoma, cataract, conjunctivitis are the most common ones to name a few. The symptoms include red eyes, blurred vision, continuous watering in eyes, difficulty in vision etc.

You need to take your cat to a doctor urgently if your pet displays these signs and symptoms. Getting to the root cause of the problem is the only way to treat it.

Understanding your cat’s emotions and their Body Language

Cats display a wide range of emotions and you can get a sense of it by understanding their body language.

1. If their tail is up then it means your cat is in a cheerful and a pleasant mood.

2. With their tail down, they indicate that they are not comfortable in the surrounding.

3. If they are wagging their tail, then it shows that they are agitated or even irritated. This is when they generally like to be left alone.

4. If their ears are leaning forward, then they are happy, content and in a playful mood.

5. Ears straight up show that they are alert and are assessing the situation.

6. If their pupils are dilated, then it indicates that they are scared. This is a good time to make them feel comfortable.

7. If it is staring, then it shows that they are taking your action as a challenge. However, if they are blinking gently, then it reflects their warm and comfortable state of mind.



Cats are a lovely companion. By understanding the needs of your cat, you can create just a perfect relationship.

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