Choosing The Best Breed Of Cat For Your Family

Choosing The Best Breed Of Cat For Your Family

Keeping a cat is one of the most fulfilling experiences you could ever have. For instance, they keep life interesting by playing with anything they can find. You can also play along with them especially if you have a red dot pen. However, there is more to having a cat than playing with it. In most cases, keeping a cat as a pet teaches your kids responsibility.

More specifically, you and your kids have to take care of it if they want to keep it. Moreover, having a cat allows them to develop affection towards something without the need for reciprocation. That is a lesson that everyone in the world needs to learn so that we can have a better society than the one we have.

Unfortunately, choosing a breed of cat for your family is a challenging task because you have to consider many things.


Factors to Check When Choosing a Breed of Cat

Time Spent With Your Cat

How much time will you be spending with your cat? Remember, some breeds are highly sociable requiring constant attention and affection. They would be ideal for young kids who can play with them for most of the day.

Where Will You And Your Cat Live?

Where your cat will live is also a big deal because some of them cannot survive the night in the cold. Therefore, you have to consider a tough breed, not a fragile one, if your cat is going to live outside.

Do You Have Other Pets?

Another thing to consider is if the cat will live with other animals or if it will be alone. Examining this point is critical because a few breeds are hostile to other pets living in the same home. Choose a sociable cat if you have dogs, parrots, or turtles among other animals living in your house.

How Active Should Be The Cat For You?

Then you have to look at the cat’s energetic levels. Is it playful? Is it calm most of the time? Is it too active for you or your family? Choose a breed that reflects the level of energy people have in your home. Do not choose a highly playful one if your grandparents live in the same house as you.

Health Precautions

Furthermore, look at the level of care your cat needs. Will it become sickly quite easily? Is it susceptible to particular diseases? What is the average lifespan of the cat?

Grooming Needs Of Your Cat

You also have to examine the grooming needs associated with the cat’s breed. For instance, does it have long hair? How often does it shed its hair? What frequency of grooming does it require?

Remember, some breeds need a weekly session of grooming while a daily one is necessary for others. Do not choose a cat breed that demands a lot of grooming if you are not ready for it.

After considering these factors, here are probable cat breeds you may want to check and own.

Burmese Cats

Burmese cats, in particular, are playful and highly sociable even when they are adults.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair has a highly dense coat making it ideal for people who love to pat their pets.


Ragdolls are an excellent choice if your family is a bit inactive because it is calm and docile.

Exotic Shorthairs

Similarly, Exotic Shorthairs are calm and gentle. They are friendly to dogs and other cats as well making them a suitable choice for families that already have pets.


Finally, Burmillas are affectionate, sociable, and playful.




Other popular breeds include the Siamese cats, the Sphynx, and the Maine Coon. However, you can still choose the one that resonates with your family even if they did not make it on this list. Talk to an expert about it. It could be your local vet or a cat whisperer! He will most likely help you make the right choice.

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