Choosing The Best Breed Of Cat For Your Family

The Best Breed Of Cat For Your Family

Owning a cat pet has been shown to reduce blood pressure and stress levels. While bringing a new cat home cat be an exciting time, it’s important to be careful so as to choose the best cat breed for your family. With over 40 breeds of cats out there, choosing the best one can be a bit challenging. But if you choose the right breed for your lifestyle, environment, and family you will ensure that you and your new found friend have a happy, healthy life. Here is how to choose the best cat breed for your family.


Choosing The Best Breed Of Cat For Your Family

Consider Your Family

When it comes to choosing the best breed of cat, it’s very important to consider your family. This is because small children and kittens usually don’t get along well. Youngsters can be rough and kittens can be a bit fragile. Toddlers and babies tend to grab the closest parts such as ear, fur, tail and cannot resist giving the cat a hug. It’s, therefore, very important to avoid kittens if you have small children around.


Short Haired Or Long Haired

Although long haired cats such as Maine Coons and Himalayans are both luxurious and beautiful, their coats require a lot of maintenance. If you don’t have the budget or the time for daily brushing then it’s advisable to choose a short haired breed. However, you need to know that daily brushing can be an enjoyable activity that can lead to bonding between you and your kitten.


A Mixed Breed Of Pure Breed

If you have specific traits and features then a purebred cat is what you need. If not then you’ll be able to find the cat that you need by searching through mixed breeds. However, you need to know that purebred cat will cost you more money unless you decide to adopt one. On the other hand, choosing a mixed breed cat has minimal cost.


Consider The Personality Of The Cat

Just like individuals no two cats are exactly alike whether they are from the same litter or breed. While some cats will tolerate anything, others do not like being picked or held and will only come to you when they feel like. Cats also have different degrees of energy as some are constantly on the go while others prefer to nap throughout the day. It’s, therefore, important to consider this when choosing the best breed of cat.


Do You Have Pets At Home Already?

If you already have a cat and you want to add one you need to match their personality. If your current cat is assertive then you would want to add one who is timid. In addition, be prepared to do a gradual introduction. If you are considering adding a cat then doing proper introduction is very important. If you have a dog you also need to ensure that its cat-friendly.


Consider Your Budget

Caring and feeding a cat is not very cheap. Ranging from $500 to $1000 a year, if you are not careful you can greatly affect your family budget. Your expenses will, therefore, vary depending on whether you have an adult cat or kitten. Consider looking at the prices of cat treats and quality of food in your area. This will help you have an idea of the kind of breed that you need.





These are some of the tips to consider when choosing the best breed of a cat. However, since cats are good at keeping us on our toes, these won’t guarantee that you’ll lack surprises. Be ready and enjoy the process.


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