First Steps To Bringing Home A New Cat

5 Steps To Bringing Home A New Cat

Pets are adorable and usually stress busters for their owners. Each one of us has different preferences for the type of pet. Such pets become a part and parcel of your life just like a family member. Cats are especially fun to own and very playful.

They are considered very positive and believed to calm their owners. Since they are stress busters, your heart remains hail and hearty with a cat around. Being a proud cat owner, I have some tips that will help you when planning to bring a cat home.


5 Steps To Bringing Home A New Cat

Create A Friendly Environment

Give space to the cat to adjust to a new surrounding when you bring her home. The change of surroundings is quickly noticed by the cats as they are highly sensitive. Therefore, it is suggested that you first create a set up like the foster home of the cat, so they don’t feel out of place and can adjust quickly.

Unlike dogs, cats do not seek undue attention. They are quiet and easily get frightened so go slow and do not force them to quickly adapt to their new home. They might take a week or more to adjust to you so leave them alone for some time.


Food And Health

Once you have a cat at home, ensure the cat food it is used to is given to it for the first few days. It should be allowed space with a bowl of food and water kept close to it.

Choose a place in your house which is cozy and relatively small where the cot for the cat, its food, litter box and some toys can be placed comfortably. Of course, you must ensure you can also sit there to play with the cat.


Arrange For A Litter Box

A slightly- filled litter box must be kept for your new cat a little distance away from its food and water bowl. It usually hides in small dark places under the bed or your sofa until it becomes fond of you.

So, if you allow the cat to litter around a little, it tends to move out and come to the common area of your house. Eventually, it befriends you and starts playing.


Stock Up The Cat Toys

Cats are very quiet and reserved kinds of pets. You must engage it by making the environment around it friendly and fun filled. I would recommend getting some cat toys from the city store.

Cats play around with such toys even when you are not around. They become possessive about their toys and seem to get upset if you take them away.


Immunization And Health Check-Up

You must get the health card or immunization status from the foster home when you are bringing home the cat. Follow up on its medication and vaccinations with the same vet visited by the foster home to ensure your cat is treated by the vet who knows its medical background already.

Your cat must eat well and drink sufficient water. If you notice any unusual behavior in your new cat, you must rush to the vet.




There are many small things you will discover about your cat; its likes and dislikes, food and toys, resting time, playful mood etc. Well now that you are bringing home the cat, you should enjoy with your cat making it feel at home.

Contributed By Karlpe

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