How To Treat Cat Arthritis At Home

How To Treat Cat Arthritis At Home

Cat arthritis, is a degenerative disease that affects the structure of a cat’s joints. The disease causes intense pain for the cats and makes it difficult for the cats to move around.

The condition is fairly uncommon but when it does occur, it commonly affects the elbow joints. However, the condition can also affect other joints of the cat’s body.

The disease may be quite difficult to recognize as cats, generally, do not like to show weakness. The condition especially affects elderly cats due to the tear and wear of the cat’s joints and cartilage throughout its life.


Because of the failure of cats to show symptoms of arthritis at an early stage, the disease is commonly diagnosed in an advanced stage. Although the condition has no cure, this article focuses on providing you with information on how to treat cat arthritis at home.

There are several treatment methods that you can use to help your cat to deal with the pain of arthritis or improve its mobility.

How To Treat Cat Arthritis At Home

Make Movement Easy For Your Cat

Cats with arthritis have difficulty jumping around or moving for long distances. Therefore, you can help the cat by making sure that its bed, sleeping bow, and the litter box are all close by and at ground level. This makes them easily accessible and the cat does not need to move for long distances or jump around to reach them.

Control Your Cats’ Food

There are several reasons why you should control your cat’s diet in treating arthritis. However, the most important reason is that you need to ensure that the cat does not carry too much weight as this may further weaken the joints or cause the cat to develop intense pain.

Vets can offer you advice on how to portion your cat’s food to ensure that you provide all the nutrients it needs but not too much food that it increases its body weight.

Provide Supplements For Your Cat

There are several supplements that strengthen the cat’s bones and help alleviate the joint pains. For example, including fatty acids in the cat’s food helps alleviate inflammation, while chondroitin and glucosamine supplement encourage the building of cartilage.

These supplements do not cause any adverse effects on the cat. Other supplements such as cayenne pepper and willow bark should be used as directed by the vet.

Help Your Cat Exercise

Although your cat may not be able to move as fast as he normally does, you should help to perform gentle exercises by playing with him.

However, in doing so, you should be careful not to encourage him to engage in activities that might cause further damage to his joints such as jumping and climbing. For example, you should not dangle toys in the air for him to jump for.

Joint Massage

Massaging your cat’s joints may help him be more comfortable or alleviate his pain. You should massage the joints gingerly to avoid causing the cat more pain.

However, it is important to note that massage is not a permanent treatment for cat arthritis but it only helps the cat relax and alleviates the pain momentarily.



While cat arthritis may cause your cat to lose much of its mobility, there are several methods that you can use to help improve your cat’s quality of life and to reduce the pain of arthritis.

These methods are effective in reducing the pain that your cat experiences but they do not provide a permanent solution for the condition. Like our other articles, you should always ask advice from your vet to be sure.

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