How to Relieve Arthritis Pain in Cats

How to Relieve Arthritis Pain in Cats

Do you have a pet cat? Do you know if your cat is suffering from arthritis pain? It is quite a well-known fact that dogs suffer from arthritis pain when they grow older but a cat would never show this weakness.

However, this doesn’t mean that your cat is not suffering from arthritis. In fact, this means that it takes longer to figure out if your cat is suffering and that you may need to take extra measures to help in relieving the pain.


Symptoms of Arthritis in Cats

It might not be easy to determine if your cat is suffering from arthritis or not but if you pay attention to these important symptoms then you can easily determine it.

Cats might show stiffness, lethargy, swelling of joints, etc. when suffering from arthritis. They may also show a little discomfort and irritability when you try to pet them or handle them in certain positions. You will also observe a slight change in behavior that includes:

Hesitant to run or jump
Reduced movement
Change in litter box habits

Causes of Arthritis in Cats

It is quite obvious that with old age, a lot of cats develop arthritis due to the natural degeneration of their joints. There are several other causes of arthritis pain in cats which includes injection, dislocation, or some kind of injury. Cats can also gain a little extra weight which can put a strain on their joints and can be the reason for arthritis.

How to Relieve the Arthritis Pain in Cats

If you see any of the above-mentioned symptoms then you have to immediately take your cat to a veterinarian to get checked. Once the vet checks and determines arthritis in your cat, you can take several measures to take care of your cat and help them in pain relief. Here are some few ways in which you can relieve the arthritis pain in cats:

Pain relief medications

You can get prescribed medications from the vet to ease some of the inflammation and pain but make sure that these drugs are compatible with your cat and will not cause any kind of allergic reactions.

Nutritional Supplements

Provide your cat with some nutritional supplements to provide more nutrition to their body for recovering. You can discuss the supplements with your vet before giving them to your cat.

Weight Loss

If your cat is suffering from arthritis pain due to extra weight then you will need to alter their diet and help them in reducing some of that weight. Contact your vet for the diet recommendations.

Regular Exercise

Gentle exercise and play can help in keeping the cat mobile which can be effective in recovering from arthritis. Don’t rush it though, take it slow and gentle.

Provide Comfort

Make sure that you keep your cat stuff nearby so that they can rest and don’t have to move around too much to get to their litter box or water container.

Massage your cat

Gentle massaging your cat’s joints can help in stimulating the joints and can reduce the arthritis pain. This can help your cat recover quickly and efficiently.



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