4 Effective Tips For Training Your Dog

4 Effective Tips For Training Your Dog

As a member of the pack, the family dog has responsibilities and privileges. As good and responsible pet owners we reward good manners and admonish unacceptable conduct. This all comes under the category of good training.

Whether you want your dog to sit on command or fetch the morning paper; dog trainers employ certain common sense training techniques we can all practice. Some trainers advise that when training your dog, teach both verbal commands and hand signals. And don’t worry that you may overload your canine friend with vocabulary while training.



Just like our brains, theirs associate certain objects and actions with particular sounds and body language. So while you teach Brownie to “Sit,” give the verbal command and a hand command of your choice at the same time. Brownie will soon learn both.

When training your dog, begin with simple commands such as “sit,” “down,” and “stay.” Those are the basics.

Let’s take “stay” as an example. If you want to teach your dog to “stay,” capitalize on behavior that already exists. Your dog will most likely follow you as you move around the house. He will stop when you stop and move forward when you do. When you notice that he has stopped, say, “Stay” and give him a treat.

If he starts to move again when you do, turn and say, “No.” Shake your head and move your hands in a negative motion. Repeat the command to “Stay.” While he sits still, give him a treat and say, “Stay.” After a few seconds, move again. If he follows you, repeat the above steps.

When he learns, smile; give him a treat and a big hug. You must teach him that he shouldn’t move again until you say, “Okay.” He may forget by tomorrow, but this will most likely take him a few days to learn well. Dog trainers suggest a few simple rules when training your dog.

Simple Yet Effective Tips for Dog Training

Be Consistent

If you call your dog’s toy “toy” today, don’t call it “squeaky” tomorrow. You will confuse him. Keep the vocabulary as simple as possible.

Reward Immediately

If Brownie shows signs of moving toward the desired end result of your command, reward him then and there.

Give Healthy Rewards

Simple healthy snacks will help Brownie maintain his weight as well as his overall physical health.

Start With Simple Commands

When training your dog, start with simple commands. Capitalize on behavior he already exhibits. This will help him and you achieve early successes that you can build on for future training.

For example, early on I trained our dog to “Sit,” “Stay,” and “Down.” Then we moved to letting me go through the door first. She only followed when I said, “Okay.”




We’ve always prioritized or remember our dog’s health but we sometimes forget that training our pet dogs is also important.

One last thing before I forget; the most important rule of all in training your dog is love. Always love this little creature who trusts you and loves you with all that he can. Show him you are worthy of that trust and love.

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