4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in The Summer Heat

4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in The Summer Heat

Dogs are our besties. A recent study showed that a significant proportion of today’s youth prefers interacting with their pets to human interaction. Some psychologists have even termed pets as today’s replacement for children.

This is understandable as pets are fairly cheaper to maintain, offer genuine companionship, they do not talk, and most importantly, they will not wake you up in the middle of the night with their night terrors.

I think that the most preferred pets in America are dogs. So beloved are they that I think they should be the national symbol, rather than the bald eagle which most people have never seen physically.

Any dog owner’s worst nightmare is watching their dog go through pain or even worse, having to put them down if their illness is fatal. For this reason, every dog owner naturally tries their best to offer the best care for their dog, especially in the summer when the heat may be extreme and all the dog want to do is run around on the beach.


How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer Heat

Keep Your Pet Dog Hydrated

The first tip to keep your dog cool is ensuring that they are hydrated. You should make sure that the water bowl is full around the clock and also monitor if the dog is taking the water.

Losing appetite for water would imply that your dog has a urinary tract infection and should be checked by a vet. On scorching days, you can add ice cubes to the dog’s water so that their bodies can be cooled.

Offer Frozen Treats

Dogs are much like us humans. Thus we term them as our best friends. So why not give them frozen treats just as we give to our human friends during the summer?

Most dogs are foodies. I often use this to my advantage by getting my dog ice cream which is available in grocery stores. I have also tried a few frozen dog treat recipes that are available online. These may include chilled cucumber or smoothies, which are all yummy treats that are full of water, chilly and yummy.

Proper Summer Dog Grooming

The third tip is ensuring the dog has proper grooming during the summer. This requires you to understand a bit about the dog’s biology. Guard hairs of double coated dogs act as insulation against extreme heat. Therefore clipping them is not helpful in keeping them cool.

Frequently brushing its fur helps in removing dead fur. This is important in maintaining the dog’s undercoat which is their natural cooling system.

Shades For Our Pet Dogs

To ensure that your dog stays cool, make sure that they have shade. You can make a tent or an umbrella outside your house where the dog can relax, away from the sun.

Also, you may opt to buy the dog a kiddie pool where they can swim and cool their bodies when they feel heated up. You should avoid tying the dog up in the sun.

It is also important to be considerate of the hours when you take the dog for a walk. You should choose a time when the sun is not bright, preferably early in the morning or the evening as the sun is setting.




In conclusion, the summer is a time to share happy times with your dog. Owners should beware of heat stress signs and be quick to take them to the vet.

Above all, prevention is better than cure and therefore, you should carry out practices that protect your dog from heat stroke the same way you protect yourself from sunburn.

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