6 Easy Ways To Treat Dog Arthritis At Home

6 Easy Ways To Treat Dog Arthritis At Home

A dog suffering from Arthritis will have a great deal of pain and naturally, you would do anything to help alleviate the pain. With current trends, there are a number of things that you can do to help your dog dealing with the daily pain. Here is a list of essential things to do when practicing dog arthritis treatment.


How To Treat Dog Arthritis At Home

Weight Management for Dogs

The crucial thing you can do to help your dog is ease the load on its joints which is the center of all the pain. You can, therefore, manage the weight of the dog by checking its diet.

There are clinically approved methods to slim your pet. Minimizing its meal intake to small timely portions will help alleviate the extra weight. Treat dog arthritis with the right amount of good quality dog food to manage your dog’s weight.

Consistent Mild Exercises

Another essential thing to know when in pursuit of dog arthritis treatment is forcing your dog to exercise its joints with mild exercises so as to help in the recovery process of the joints.

If the joints are not moved through the healing period, they may clump up leading to the continuity of your dog’s suffering. Help your dog power through the pain by providing a soft surface to move around during dog arthritis treatment process.

Other helpful adjustments would be installing ramps to aid the dog to get into a car or bed and securing the ground to provide the traction needed by an arthritic dog to move around.

Give Warmth to your Dogs

Treat dog arthritis by preventing factors that aggravate arthritis. Such factors include lack of adequate warmth and general wetness. You may want to pad the dogs sleeping area and even massage joints with warm compressions.

This aids in relieving the joints by increasing the flow of blood to the joints hence contributing to the flexibility of the dog’s joints. If you can afford it, you can also get a massage therapist to help administer such massages more effectively.

Arthritis Medication for Dogs

There is a variety of drugs present in the market today known to help relieve pain in dogs. You could get a standard dosage to last the dog through the period in dog arthritis treatment. This will also help the dog move around much more easily for a quicker recovery process.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Dogs

There are additional home remedies that you can turn to for dog arthritis treatment. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are supplements readily accessible to you in local outlets. These supplements improve the mobility of your dog’s joints and also help boost support on the given joints when undergoing basic dog arthritis treatment.

Acupuncture for Dogs

Acupuncture is a practice that can also go a long way to treat dog arthritis. You may think this is a human practice but there are experts who do this. This, however, may be uncommon to rare instances.




Remember that your attention to your dog during the course of its ailment may be the motivating factor to the dog’s will to recover. An environment where your dog can derive psychological support, lots of affection and little stress will enable the treatment of arthritis to be quicker.

Do not despair when your dog suffers to move around, engaging it in activities that will encourage such movement restores the resilience of joints to their natural form.

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