7 Best Calm Dog Breeds

What Breed of Dog Is Quiet and Calm

The best calm dog breeds come in all sizes small and big. They serve as both guard dogs and lap dogs. The one thing that they have in common is their calm temperament.

You can also refer to this as mellow, laid back or docile. They are even-tempered making them ideal for you if you are a senior, if your experience with dogs is limited or if you have a family with children. Most of them as you will notice are characterized by low-energy but require adequate exercise on a daily basis.


What Breed of Dog Is Quiet and Calm

The following are some of the best calm dog breeds:


St. Bernard

These are low energy and easy going dogs. You will love their patience and gentle nature. St. Bernards adore their family and will be willing to always please you.

You will rarely hear them bark but when they do, it can be deafening. It is for this reason that you should not keep them in case you leave in an apartment. You need to exercise them daily through short runs or moderate walks. You also need to groom them weekly and clean up their drool.


Great Dane

If you have children, this is a safe, dependable and friendly breed. It is among the tallest calm dogs. Great Danes interact well with other pets and dogs if you have some. You will admire their good manners.

You just need to provide them with moderate exercise every day like walking on a leash. Great Danes require plenty of room to stretch out as well as a soft bed. You do not need to groom the much, but they drool.


Neapolitan Mastiff

This dog breed was primarily developed to guard you and your family. They will be completely devoted to you and the family thus very suspicious of strangers. The Neapolitan Mastiff does not need you to exercise it a lot, but you should provide adequate room for it to stretch.



These are quiet and gentle dogs and will be devoted to both you and the entire family. You will find them to be quite calm but are excellent guardians. They might be calm but as their owner, you need to be very firm. You need to provide them with daily exercise like a walk on the leash.



These are patient, calm and sweet dogs. You will find them to be very easy going but will fiercely protect you when you are threatened. Newfoundland will need you to facilitate exercise on a daily basis and possibly even a swim. However, you should not raise this dog in hot weather as they thrive best in cold places.



This is an even-tempered, very devoted and an affectionate pet. You should not be surprised that they are friendly towards strangers because they aim to please everyone.


Other best calm dog breeds include the following:

Dogue de Bordeaux

Scottish Deerhound

Great Pyrenees




Basset Hound




These are just a few suggestions that you may want to check. Now you know and have an array to select from.


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