7 Things That Can Stress Out Your Dog

Things That Can Stress Out Your Dog

Dogs are quite unique animals. They are man’s best friend. But it’s a wonder why men do not appreciate dogs for what they are.

This causes dog stress. Just let your dog behave like a dog. It does not understand your language and complex emotional gestures like hugging and kissing.

There are a number of factors that cause these canine creatures to get really stressed. They are discussed below. Knowing them can assist you to avoid them and make your dog happy.


Things That Can Stress Out Your Dog

Space Restrictions

Naturally, dogs are built for the wild. Their instincts are wired to hunting and running and playing around. You should not restrict your dog for long. Give it space to walk around and run up and down. Space restriction causes dog stress.

Irregular Feeding Patterns

Your canine creature will get stressed if you keep changing the time of feeding it. You should have a definite time for feeding your dog. Stick to a routine feeding.

Frequent Diet Changes

Dogs are not like humans. They do not like changing diets as we do. Stick to a particular diet. And if you must change it, then do it gradually. A frequent diet change may cause tremendous dog stress. Always try to avoid it.

Inconsistent Communication

It’s very confusing to the canine creature when you scold it and welcome it to sit beside you at the same time. Shouting “No!” to your dog when it is behaving like a dog is also very stressing. If you scold a dog, then let it be until it forgets the scolding.

Irregular Playing Times

Dogs are used to a routine play time. Any attempt to change the routine will cause dog stress. If you are used to playing with it in the evenings, then ensure you maintain the plan. Otherwise, you risk stressing out the routine observing canine creature.

Interrupting The Dog When It Is Sleeping

Dogs do not like being interrupted when they are sleeping just like us humans. So next time your pet dog is having a sweet sleep, do not interrupt it. Leave it to enjoy the nap.

Frequent Home Changes

Canine creatures are territorial animals. They feel more comfortable in a familiar territory. Frequent home changes would really stress them out. It would make them feel out of place. So to avoid dog stress, you should not change homes frequently; neither should you change your home décor often.



Dog stress can be avoided. It is pretty simple. Just let the dog be a dog. It does not understand your complex language and affection display. But you can train your dog to understand certain gestures.

If you master good communication with your dog, you will make life easy for them. They will also enjoy being your loyal friend and will be less prone to dog stress.

Contributed by Cmbcathy

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