9 Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

9 Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

The great figure of speech about felines and puppies not getting along isn’t altogether a fiction. There are indeed some dogs and cats that don’t get along. Numerous dogs have solid prey drives; many were reproduced to be seekers and hunters. To these canine breeds, cats look a great deal like prey.

Cats are generally not lively. They are extremely cautious and get irritated by dogs. Dogs, however, are normally bigger than cats and can pose more danger. If by chance you anticipate getting both a puppy and a cat, below is a list of dogs breeds that are good with cats.


What Dog Breeds Are Good With Cats

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever has a sweet aura. They don’t have a solid prey drive. When they see a cat, interest is their response; trailed by an endeavor to become a close acquaintance with the cat. Goldens just have the need to love and be cherished by everybody including cats.

Labrador Retrievers

Labs have fundamentally the same identities to Golden Retrievers. They are neighborly and uninvolved, which functions admirably with a cat’s more suspicious mentality. Labrador Retrievers can be boisterous; this makes them get along well with cats.


These delicate monsters are inviting with every single living being, including felines. They are more inspired by satisfying their owners than pursuing a cat. Though they look threatening in size, this huge size enables them to see felines as a potential companion as opposed to a potential risk. This is on the grounds that they are reared to protect domesticated animals, so they would rather protect your car than attack it.


Papillion represents no risk to cats since they are frequently smaller than cats. The Papillion was reared to be an aristocrat’s lap dog and has no plans on chasing prey. They are very good with Cats.


The pug is no different from the normal cat in size. Pug is a volatile little wad of vitality that may pester your cat, however, represents no danger to him. Regardless, even if a Pug needed to assault the feline, his squished-in nose, and squat paws makes him an awful seeker.


The Maltese makes an astounding pet for families with different types of creatures in the home. They are neighborly and agreeable with an exceptionally delicate nature. They will probably be tormented by a cat than the other way around. The Maltese loves making new companions, not new adversaries.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is worried about two things – satisfying his owner and having a great time. The possibility of being forceful towards the family cat never crosses the Boston Terrier’s mind. He is friendly to the point that your feline might be a little off-put by his joyful disposition. Your cat may not love the Boston Terrier, but rather your Boston Terrier will love him.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie and the cat are like-mannered in many ways. They both have four legs, hide and a sure mentality that is hinged on presumptuousness. The Yorkshire Terrier is little, so he represents no threat to the cat.


The Dachshund is almost the same size as your cat. Your cat will never feel debilitated by this little interest with short and squat legs. Actually, your cat will more probably be entertained.



In as much as these dog breeds are good with cats, the most ideal approach to guarantee a glad multi-pet family unit is to have them grow up together. This way they can get along really well.

In addition, always introduce the cat and dog to each other gradually. This will help you check how receptive they are to each other. It is not advisable to leave the cat and dog to figure out how to get along with each other on their own. The resulting event may not be a pleasant one.

Despite the fact that these breeds get along well with cats; necessary precaution should still be taken since these dogs have their own individualities too!

Contributed by Adiela Samira

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