A Short Guide On How To Prevent Dog Arthritis

How To Prevent Dog Arthritis

Dog arthritis is a disease that is manifested by inflammation of the joints accompanied by pain, swelling, stiffness and excessive sneezing. The most prone to arthritis are old and large dogs.

Also, animals with a nutritional deficiency or physical trauma due to accidents are also at high risk. According to veterinarians, this disease affects one in five dogs and is one of the most common causes of chronic pain. Because the dog cannot speak, it is very important to interpret the “nonverbal” signals and not underestimate even the most insignificant changes in behavior.

Here’s how to recognize, how to treat and how to prevent dog arthritis:


How To Prevent Dog Arthritis

Dog Arthritis Symptoms

Behavioral Changes

Hesitation before any type of physical movement, less interest in playing or walking.

Weight Gain

Although the diet remains unchanged, the dog is gaining weight inexplicably.


The dog sleeps visibly more than usually and prefers resting over physical movement.

Adapting To A New Lifestyle – Before And After Arthritis

Even with the help of treatment, arthritis can turn physical movement into a challenge. In order to ease your dog’s condition, you can make a series of changes in your pet’s daily routine.

Food and water containers must be easy to reach and kept at a comfortable height; a non-slip surface would also be useful. You should provide your dog with a soft, well-padded place to sleep, and put it somewhere warm, away from the cold. This also helps with preventing the disease from appearing.

Heat can bring relief to a dog that goes through arthritis pain, so you can put a bottle of warm water wrapped in a towel or a non-electric heating device in its bed after feeding your dog his dog arthritis supplements.

If your pet is accustomed to spending time alone outside, make sure you supervise him. Animals that suffer from arthritis are vulnerable – they may fall off and get easily injured. You should take care of your dog and notice his habits.

Physical Movement

Together with changes in the environment, changes should also occur in your dog’s lifestyle. Exercises, playing and various light activities will help to strengthen the muscles, keep and tendons ligaments flexible, and improve blood circulation. Moderate physical movement prevents arthritis from occurring.

Many animals with arthritis move easier and without pain after they warm up a bit before. It is very important not to force the animal to move if it is in pain, but you can stimulate your dog a bit by encouraging soft movements such as walking or gentle playing.

Balance is important; although moderate exercise is vital to your dog’s health, if it is too tedious and forceful it may cause an even greater joint damage. Try to pay attention to any signs of discomfort and always keep an eye on your pet during such activities.

A balanced diet is also paramount. Obesity can cause or make arthritis difficult to control, so proper nutrition will only bring benefits. From dog arthritis supplements to quality dog food, every small change will help the health of your pet.



Arthritis in dogs can affect the quality of life of the animal in a significant way. Problems caused by this condition can be kept under control when treatment starts on time. Do everything you can to prevent this affection from appearing.

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