Can Dog Food Cause Arthritis In Dogs?

Can Dog Food Cause Arthritis In Dogs

Arthritis is a disease that both humans and dogs can pick up equally. It is a very painful condition where cartilage between your bones becomes worn out and consequently, a friction appears between them.

The causes are numerous and new ones keep coming up daily. Can food is under investigation, and many tests are being conducted to see how it can lead to arthritis. Here we will try to unveil the possible answer to the question.


In Which Cases Can Food Cause Arthritis In Dogs?

Processed Food/Ingredients In The Product

Make sure that the food your dog gets is not processed. It is full of saturated fats that trigger adipose and then the destruction of the dog’s joints. You’ll have to read carefully the ingredient list on the product to observe this.

Do your research and see which dog food brands can be trusted so that you avoid that your pet gets the disease. This type of food also has trans fats that worsen inflammation. Therefore, you must be careful that there are no hydrogenated oils on the product’s label.

Too Much Omega 6 Oils

Originally, a modest consumption of Omega 6 oils is healthy and absolutely necessary for optimal body function. When there’s too much of it, however, it will push the button for pro-inflammatory chemical production in your body. You have to be careful that sunflower, grapeseed or soy is not written on the label.

Stay Away From Refined Carbohydrates

White potatoes, rice, and cereals are forbidden to be on the label of the can. They instigate production of advanced glycation that further degrades the cartilage in inflammation. Also, carbohydrates can lead to obesity. Overweight dogs risk too much pressure on their joints which, also, causes arthritis.

Beware of the MSG

Sometimes, the producer will be tempted to enhance the flavor of the dog food. Your pet might like it more for sure, but it also preserves the food keeps the smell longer and makes the product seem fresh even after a long time.

Gluten Doesn’t Help Your Dog Either

Gluten has a magic power to give you the satisfying feeling of fullness. This also happens to your best friend. Although gluten will keep your dog full for a longer time and maybe decrease the money you spend on the food, the
consequences go far further than trying to be economical.

The Dog Food That Can Help

Prescription Diet By Hill

The producer of this product claims that your dog’s maneuverability will be better in 21 days. This is an important aspect especially if your dogs are overweight and needs the motion to lose weight and reduce the pressure on your joints.

Veterinary Diets By Purina Pro

This one takes pride in a substantial amount of Omega 3. As it has already been mentioned, both Omega 6 and Omega 3 are inherent parts of the dog’s health. However, Omega 3 is often lacking in their nutrition and this product is a great substitution.

Veterinary Diet By Royal Canin

The secret ingredient in this product is green mussel from New Zealand. This diet is also rich in antioxidants that will boost your dog’s immune system. This is also one of the pivotal parts in recuperation from an inflammatory disease such as arthritis.



In a nutshell, you have to keep your eyes wide open when you are reading the label of the food you’re buying for your dog. You have to scan for those pro-inflammatory ingredients that are dangerous for your dog`s health.

You can also see that there are types of dog food that actually alleviates the arthritis symptoms. Such products have the right nutrition that will naturally mitigate the pain arthritis can cause.

Also, take care of the dosage of whatever you’re feeding your dog with. Even if it is high-quality food, too much could make them obese which is the first prerequisite for getting arthritis.

Contributed By Rickpeter

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