Can Dog Food Cause Arthritis

Can Dog Food Cause Arthritis

Do you know what arthritis? Arthritis is a painful disorder that involves swelling of the joints. People suffering from arthritis experience constant pain and find it very difficult to move. There are so many ways to get arthritis, but the important thing to know is how to treat it when you get it.


Can Dog Food Cause Arthritis?

YES. Just like humans, dogs can develop arthritis in various ways. They might get it from their daily activities or their daily diet.

Your dog’s immune system is very complex and is comprised of a network of white blood cells, antibodies and other cells that are made to fight off infections and foreign proteins that weaken the entire health of the animal.

What happens is that this army of cells that are made to fight off bad cells goes wild and cannot distinguish what the bad and good cells are thus attacking their good tissues causing inflammation and pain. It is most often due to a bad diet that weakens the overall immune system. There are products out there that claim to help balance this, but most are worthless.

Dog Food And Arthritis

Dog food rich in fillers and salt might be the cause of arthritis. The stress can cause inflammation. Poor diets can always cause overweight pets. This can lead to early arthritis as well due to pressure on the bones and joints.

Whatever the cause it would be good to feed your pet green lipped mussel dog food; or better yet, just add GLM powder to your dog’s meal for a more potent form of arthritis treatment.

I would suggest that you do some extra research to learn more about green shelled mussel products before you purchase special dog food for your suffering arthritic pet. You will find that GLM powder is still the best natural alternative for treating arthritis.

It has been tested on both humans and animals with positive results. Compared to dog food with green shelled mussel components, green lipped mussel powder has all the nutrients of a raw GLM. You not only treat your dog’s arthritis, but you also provide him with all the health-giving nutrients that he needs.

With GLM powder you can just prepare your dog’s favorite meal and just sprinkle it with the powder. It has worked wonders for a great number of ailing pets, and their owners can vouch for the amazing improvement. Green lipped mussel dog food is good, but green lipped mussel powder is best.

Determining if your dog has arthritis is not difficult. Remember your dog can’t tell you when feeling unwell, but if you notice that your dog has the following symptoms:

1. Limping or strolling gradually.
2. A hesitance to go on strolls, ascend or downstairs, run, hop or play.
3. Yelping in torment when touched, or opposing being touched.
4. Slowness or obvious trouble when ascending from a lying or sitting position.




In spite of the fact that these indications could be indications of joint pain, they may rather be the consequence of some other illness condition. Rather than influencing suspicions, take your puppy to the vet for assessment and proper treatment.

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