Dog Etiquette In Dog Parks

Etiquette In Dog Parks

In terms of mental and physical benefits for your dog, a day at the dog park is like spending several walks on a leash. It’s, therefore, a very good thing to have a place where your dog can play with other dogs and run leashless without any hindrance. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t know about the dog park etiquette tips. You, therefore, need to take these tips to avoid an injury or an embarrassing scene. Here is the top 7 dog etiquette in dog parks.


Dog Etiquette In Dog Parks

Don’t Bring People Food Into The Park

When it comes to dog parks, you need to leave your picnic lunch outside. There are other dogs in the park that may not have good manners when people are enjoying meals hence may move aggressively towards you if they smell any food around.


Take Charge

Your dog should know that you are the leader all the time hence make sure you take a complete charge. Teach your dog to come to you anytime you call him. Make sure you use phrases and other words that he is not likely to hear in the park and reward him with special treats when he obeys.


Don’t Bring A Sick Dog

When dogs are under the weather with things such as flea, coughs, among others, they are likely to be over aggressive and really grumpy. Not to mention that they can pass the condition on to someone else’s dog. It’s therefore important to leave such dogs at home. Also, do not bring very young or unvaccinated dogs to the park.


Avoid Bringing Small Children

A dog park should be totally out of bounce for small children. Since small children like to run and yell, dogs may start chasing after them because that’s what they also like to do. Just leave the children to play in the children’s park and leave the dogs to enjoy themselves. More so, strange dogs who are not familiar with the children may pose risk to them.


Know Aggressive Behavior Cues While You Are At The Park

it’s very important to recognize the aggressive behaviors of other dogs and also be aware of the behavior of your own dogs. The most important rule is knowing the behavior of your dog so that you can be in a position to control it. Although it can be tempting to talk with other dog owners or get occupied in your phone, forgetting about your dog can be the quickest way to become unwelcome in that dog park.


Keep Your Dog Leash And Always Have A Collar On Your Dog

Even in parks where a leash is not required, you need to have your dog’s leash at all times. This is because you may quickly need to spate your dog from an aggressive or unpleasant dog in the park. More so you need to keep your dog safe by making sure he is always having his collar on.


Read The Signals

Your dog should not only play well but you also need to read his behavior. For instance, if your dog is ready to rumble he will be tense and old his head high. If you see any danger signs make sure your redirect your dog with toys and treats.




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