Effective Tips for Managing Dog Arthritis

Effective Tips for Managing Dog Arthritis

Imagine your favorite dog pet whining or growling day and night due to joint pains. Just like little children, our pets are very important. When they are in pain, we become restless and uncomfortable as we relate to their pain.

When I was little, my dog pet succumbed to death due to arthritis. I did not know how to help the dog in terms of diet and how to manage the situation. Do not let your pet dog experience joint pains consistently. Here are a few things on what is good for dog arthritis.


What should arthritic dogs eat?

1. Sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene which fights inflammation. However, do not give sweet potatoes to a dog that forms calcium oxalate stones, a type of kidney stones. Such dogs should be introduced to anti-inflammatory veggies and fruits such as zucchini, white cabbage, cauliflower, mango, peeled apple, cherries and peeled apples among others.

2. If your dog suffers extreme joint pains to the extent of having chewing problems, give it a bowl of soup so that it can feed with little effort.

3. It is important to supplement arthritic dogs with anti-inflammatory omega 3 on a daily basis. Leaf vegetables are a good source.

4. Organic and whole turmeric is very effective for dog arthritis. It is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. You can mix a ¼ spoonful of it with grind fresh pepper to aid in absorption. If the dog is in extreme condition, you can increase the amount to two times a day.

5. Other best foods with dogs with arthritis are celery, papaya, ginger, and alfalfa.

Other effective management tips

1. Arthritis in dogs can be controlled through regular exercise. Regularly, I usually take my dog pet for a short run so that it can shed off extra weight. Start with long slow walks to short but frequent ones.

2. When feeding the dog, raise food or water bowls to reduce strain in the back or neck. This increases the ease of feeding especially to dogs not prone to bloat.

3. Provide a supportive bed for your dog. A soft and comfortable bed eases pain.

4. If the dog experiences difficulties in walking or getting up, you can provide it with slings.

5. Consider therapy sessions and dog arthritis supplements to improve the dog’s health and life.

6. Make use of carpet runners in the case of hardwood floors to prevent the dog from slipping. Also, trim nails to maintain the gait of the dog and prevent skeletal changes.

7. Supplement the dog with vitamin E and C. Vitamin E reduces inflammation. A high dose of vitamin C helps with arthritis in dogs. Calcium or Sodium ascorbate is effective for anti-inflammation.

8. Administer painkillers such as NSAIDs and Tramadol. Antidepre4ssants such as Prozac (fluoxetine) also relieve pain in arthritic dogs.




You and I should take care of our arthritic dogs. They require care to overcome pain and heal. Arthritic dogs should be given a diet that has anti-inflammatory benefits. Always ensure that the dog feeds well and the right amount. Take the dog for regular exercises to shed off extra weight.

Like any other tips in our articles, we recommend pet owners to consult your vets first.


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