How To Treat Dog Arthritis Naturally

Treating Dog Arthritis Naturally

Arthritis is common in dogs. It affects more than 25 percent of dogs. Deterioration of the cartilage surrounding the joints is the cause of arthritis. As a result, they no longer enjoy walks as before.

There are several mechanisms that can work to treat your dog’s arthritis. One of the most recommended remedy to save your dog from this condition is by use of natural mechanisms. It is possible for you to treat your dog from arthritis naturally.

Once the bad news has hit you that your pet dog is diagnosed with arthritis a question clicks in your mind, “where do I start in this fight?” There are several answers to this question. An answer that takes you to the natural way of treating your dog and saving it from arthritis.

A number of physical therapy activities supplementing natural and herbal products are the perfect solution for your sick dog. Such activities include:


How To Treat Dog Arthritis Naturally

1. Short frequent walks should be recommended. For exercise purposes, long walks are not the best.

2. Feed your sick dog with papaya, alfalfa, celery, and ginger. These foods have nutritional value that will work miracles for your dog in the fight against arthritis.

3. Try to reduce the levels at which your dog strains in the neck or back. Unless your dog is at a risk for bloat, raising water and food positions will help in reducing the strain on your arthritic dog.

4. To reduce unwanted stress, put efforts to prevent your dog from slipping. You can achieve this by putting carpet runners on the floors.

5. Trim your dog’s nails as long nails cause skeletal changes and as a result, arthritis may develop.

6. Ensure a soft and supportive bed. This will reduce the stress and strains hence promoting healthy functioning of the bones and joints.

Herbal remedies have proven to be the best option when it comes to treating your dog from arthritis. You can try these herbs to naturally treat dog arthritis;


It has the ability to reduce pain and joint swelling. It contains chemicals that are responsible for pain reduction.


It contains a number of anti-inflammatory compounds and COX-2 inhibitors. Turmeric reduces the arthritis symptoms hence your dog gets better and feels less pain.


It is a perennial herb that contains the ability to counter effect arthritis. Upon giving it to your dog, it posses anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic and analgesic actions that functions as a herbal aspirin. Do not combine this herb with NSAIDs.


It gives a hand in your dog’s digestion and circulation. In addition, has anti-inflammatory properties.

Devil’s Claw Root

It contains anti-inflammatory properties. What can I give my dog for arthritis? The answer is Devil’s Claw Root.

Licorice Root

The anti-inflammatory compounds found in Licorice root helps your dog in the fight against arthritis. They do so by reducing joint pain.



When your dog is sick, there is nothing to smile about. For that reason, how to treat dog arthritis naturally should be a topic of discussion. A healthy pet is a happy and active pet. Ensure that your pet is free from arthritis by using the natural remedies we have discussed.

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