How To Prevent Dog Arthritis

Prevent Dog Arthritis

Dogs are man’s best friends, no matter what the dog’s breed is; we love them all the same. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the small and hairless like the Chihuahua to the large and hairy Tibetan Mastiff; but all of them share one common trait, they love their humans unconditionally.

Dogs have become part of our society for over a millennium and it is a common sight for individuals to buy or adopt at least one of them and see them grow up with their respective families. They offer fun, play and love to whoever is lucky enough to own at least one of them. But with the coming of years comes the coming of age; no one is exempted from growing old. This also applies to our furry best friends. As we grow old they also grow old, and this makes both of us susceptible to most, if not all, ailments and conditions associated with the aging.


Our furry friends can’t treat themselves, they are unable to do so, that is why it is our responsibility, being responsible owners and lovers of canines, that we take care of them to the best we can. Dog arthritis is one of the most common ailments that plague dogs, and causes for such also vary.

Here are some of the causes of dog arthritis:

1. Developmental disorders
2. High-calorie diets that cause the body to grow faster than the cartilage, causing deficits
3. Injury or trauma to a joint
4. Bacteria or ticks
5. Age and weight

How to prevent dog arthritis you may ask; we must first learn how to identify the signs that our dogs have dog arthritis in order for us to be able to help and cure them. Even alleviating some of the pain they are experiencing help.

Key things to check if our dogs are experiencing arthritis:

1. Difficulty in moving from a lying position
2. Sleeping more than usual
3. A decrease in physical activity and subsequent weight gain
4. Favoring a leg (normally noticed if it lifts one leg when moving)

So if your pet is showing some of these symptoms, it’s best to let your veterinarian know and ask for the best course of action.

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to ailments, this also applies to dogs. So here are our tips on how to prevent dog arthritis:

How To Prevent Dog Arthritis

Avoid over-exerting your dog at early stages of its life

More often than not, dog arthritis is often developed as a result of activities in a dog’s earlier life. Too much exercise, running too hard too often, jumping from a high height and roughhousing too much before the bones and joints mature can lead to injuries early. So it is very important to not be overly eager to rough house with your dogs, while they are still very young.


Exercise is very important to all living things. It helps us keep healthy and helps the bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage develop to withstand more rigorous activities. This activity also helps strengthen the joint by pumping natural lubricants into the area, making it healthier. Most importantly, it helps regulate the dog’s weight, because being overweight is very bad for your dog’s joints and muscles. This also helps in maintaining your dog’s nails, because as they move, the nail gets worn down. Long nails for dogs aren’t good because it causes them to lose traction and causes them to slip.

Don’t overfeed

Being overfed gives unnecessary weight to the joints of your dogs causing it to hurt and swell more. Our dogs are meant to be kept lean and athletic, thus overfeeding only causes more pain to your dogs. To help with this, you can also purchase a more regulated meal dishes that only hold the proper portion of food. Overfeeding may also cause your dogs to grow at a much faster rate, causing joints and ligaments to lag behind, causing immature joints.


Supplements help by offering the body much-needed nutrients that normal food does not. Try offering supplements such as glucosamine and dasuquin. These can help prevent arthritis by helping nourish the joints. Omega-3 and fatty acids also help in keeping the dog healthy and fit.

A comfy environment

A well-rested body is essential for muscle repair and rest that is why it is important to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for your dogs. A good and soft dog bed would do wonders by providing a warm and dry environment for it to rest on. Bare floors and surfaces may cause your dog to slip and cause an injury that is why it is also recommended that your dog’s environment be slip-proof.



Overall caring for your beloved dogs isn’t very hard and does not require a drastic change in the environment. It is important to consider that during the early stages of growth, we don’t overexert them to the extent we cause injury. And that we should feed them quality food in good portions. Dogs are like humans, they also require tender loving care for them to live a long and healthy life.

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