Top 5 Best Dog Food For Arthritis

What Dog Food Helps With Arthritis

Arthritis has become a major issue in the health of our dogs. It doesn’t matter the age of the dog, as different kinds of arthritis affect dogs of different ages. But do you know that the diet of your dog is the key determiner of the severity of the arthritis symptoms?

We sometimes treat dogs like our companions, and therefore, we should focus more on foods that will promote healing and reduce the pain from arthritis. In this article, I have outlined a list of the best dog food for arthritis, all which are safe and vet-recommended.


What Dog Food Helps With Arthritis

Fish Oil

If you want to improve the joint mobility of your dog, then it is the high time that you give it food rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil has these properties in addition to the fact that it adds calories to the diet of your dog. However, it is advisable that you balance it with other calories sources so that it doesn’t gain a lot of harmful weight.

The fish oil is also attributed to other benefits such as maintaining the coat of your dog’s skin. Most people prefer cod liver oil to the fish oil, but it is important to know that this will only make the condition of your dog worse, as the cod liver is too high in vitamins A and D.


Alfalfa is considered the best dog food for bone health due to its antioxidant property that aids in preventing cellular damage which could result in joint degradation.

In addition, adding this food to your dog’s diet will reduce the pain and swelling of your dog, due to the anti-inflammatory properties it contains. The fact that it is rich in vitamins and proteins makes it be among the best food that one can give to a dog suffering from arthritis.


Your dog’s experiences a lot of pain, and so, it is important that you feed it with food which is easily digestible. Papaya is one of such foods as it is low in citric acid. Its antioxidants properties also help in preventing cell damage.

Coconut Oil

The anti-inflammatory properties in the coconut oil help in the lubrication of your dog’s joints. And do you know that the viral, fungal and bacterial infections make your dog experience more pain?

The valuable fatty acids contained in this oil helps fight these infections in order to reduce the pain. The coconut oil is also essential as it boosts the dog’s energy thus making it exercise easily thus fighting obesity.


If your dog has arthritis, then be sure to feed it with a diet that will reduce stiffness and pain. Turmeric is rich in curcumin and other anti-inflammatory properties that make it perfect for that purpose.

The diet also inhibits all those enzymes that are most likely to cause stiffness, swelling, and pain.



In conclusion, I can say that most dogs suffer because we are not aware of what dog food help with arthritis. But don’t let your dog keep yelling in pain. Just consult your vet and make attempts to try these foods.

Contributed By Fridahkanana


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