What Can You Do If Your Dog Can’t Poop

my dog can't poop

Constipation can be a big problem not only when it affects humans but also when your dogs suffer from it. It can be indicative of digestive issues and some telltale signs are straining when trying to defecate, and hard, dry stools.

Some dogs even pass mucus when pooping. If your little friend has been showing any such signs, a question certainly running in your mind is “why my dog can’t poop, what to do?”. Well, we shall help you discover your answer in the form of some tips.


Hydration Is The Key

Adding more moisture to your little friend’s body will most likely help solve the problem. You may add low-sodium chicken broth or more water to your pet’s food.

If your dog is used to eating only dry food then it will be a good idea to offer her high-quality canned food. It will be best to find and feed her a canned version of the diet she currently is in, and if that is not available, then you can opt for any high quality canned food that your dog will not mind eating.

If you do not want to offer canned food then you can add sweet potatoes, green beans, or a little canned pumpkin to their dry food.

Get Them Active

At times, a step as simple as getting your dog active can get the bowels moving. If you see your dog is healthy enough and can exercise then you can take him for a long walk or get him involved in any other type of exercise.

Getting senior dogs involved in regular physical activities is a great way to avoid the poop problem from occurring at all.

Give A Nice Belly Massage

Though this may not sound too helpful, you should not underestimate the power of a good belly massage. Your little friend will certainly not have a problem and in fact, will only enjoy this and it may help offer results sooner than you think.

So, if your dog can’t poop, one of the easiest things to do is to give him a nice soft clockwise belly massage.

Consult Before Giving Enemas Or Laxatives

Never ever give your furry friend a laxative without consulting your veterinarian. Most of them are not safe for your pets and can do more harm than good.

However, if your vet is okay with the idea he/she may suggest giving your mildly constipated dog a very gentle laxative at home before you think about making an appointment.

As far as an enema is concerned, you should never provide your dog with the same not unless your vet has suggested a particular product and has shown you how you to perform the procedure safely.

See The Vet

Even after trying these methods if your dog can’t poop within about a day, then you should see your veterinarian without delay. After performing a physical examination your vet may prescribe to have an X-ray done to find out if your dog is actually constipated and how severe the problem is.

Excess stool usually will be seen on radiographs and thus if there is any obstruction it will be easy to find that out. In case there is any other problem your vet will also be able to find that out and thus suggest a treatment plan.



Constipation, though can be a problem for your dog, is not usually difficult to cure and thus not a cause to worry. Do try these simple tips and your dog will be able to relieve himself easily, and if not, then your doctor will definitely help you out.

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